The Truth About Memory Foam Pillow Benefits In 60 Seconds
Have stiff neck and pain in a morning? It could be a simple reason and solution
9 November, 2020 by

Many people who suffer from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain find themselves in the comfort of a memory foam pillow. There are many reasons why Wondell Memory Foam Pillow is getting taking US and EU markets by storm.

The latex cushion is softer than a memory foam cushion, has no pressure points or supports, is more breathable than conventional memory foams. Memory foam gives the pillow an appealing feel and responds well to heat and weight, which is important for people with chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. When you lie down on a memory foam cushion, the deeply adjustable head and neck create a more comfortable position for you to lie down, which can help align your spine and reduce pressure in different areas. [Sources: 0, 6, 11] 

The pillow also adapts to the shape of the spine, which provides orthopedic support and correct alignment at night, as well as a more comfortable sleeping position. By distributing the weight of the head, a memory foam cushion can align the spine during sleep and reduce pressure points. The good contours of a Memory Foam pillow also help keep your neck healthy and fresh, prevent neck and back pain and keep you perfectly straight. If you can relieve neck pain with a neck pillow while sleeping, you will benefit from improved sleeping comfort during the night.

In general, memory foam cushions are ideal for side sleepers who need a lot of support and loft. It is always a good practice to try a pillow higher than you think necessary, but it can be a good option if you are thinking of sleeping on your stomach. However, choose a solid memory foam cushion as you need the extra loft to keep your head from falling over your shoulders. 

Shredded Memory Foam is one of the also a good option for side sleepers, meaning you can customize the cushion to your needs. If you are not just a side sleeper, shredded memory foams are especially good when you place or remove memory foam from your pillow to make it softer or firmer than you want. The only downside is that memory foam cushions can get warm and lose their shape, but buying a high quality pillow should prevent this.     

This is an orthopedic sleeping pillow that serves as an ergonomic neck support for neck pain. It also offers the comfort and flexibility you would expect from a down pillow. Sleep well and make sure the foam is comfortable enough to sleep on your stomach, back or side. The shredded memory foam provides support on your own and is made to fit your neck and back as well as the rest of your body.

Memory Foam is a great choice for anyone who needs extra support for the neck and shoulder, as its natural contour properties help keep the spine and neck in the right position. The fluffy filling of pillow does not retreat, meaning that the sleeping person's head never sinks into the mattress, so it may not be suitable for side sleepers who like a firmer level of support. By investing in a high-quality memory foam for the head and back (matrass), you can maintain the comfort and flexibility of your neck, back and shoulders, as well as your spine, while ensuring that it remains neutral position for the duration of sleep. This conformity aligns the neck to the back of the pillow and the spine to create the right place the head or neck need to fully relax.  

The ergonomic contours of the Memory foam cushions are not only ideal for side sleepers, they can also help relieve neck and shoulder pain for back and side sleepers. Anyone who wakes up with a stiff and painful neck or suffers from headaches or general sleep disturbances can greatly benefit sleeping on a memory foam pillow.